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Rose Rossi - Hello to You

“Making this album has been a journey inward as I strive for honest expression. I am fascinated by people who can embrace who they are and truly be themselves.”
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J Money

After about three years of hiatus filled with a healthy dose of soul searching and growing up, Jason hooked up again with his friend Cliff Brodsky. The two began writing and producing music together again, in a new spirit of creativity and positivity. Jason made a new commitment to pursue his musical destiny.
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Daize Shayne

Surfing star, recording artist and model Daize Shayne lives the dream. Beautiful, athletic, feminine and strong, Daize is one of the hottest new rising stars to hit the entertainment scene.
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The Latest.

The latest and most important news ever in recorded history!

by Cliff Brodsky on Sep 24, 2014

Well, maybe I exaggerated. But at least I got your attention. Or did I? Anyway, thanks for coming and checking me out. I’d like to welcome you to a new paradigm. A new way of thinking. Apple says: Think Different. … Continue reading

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